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Guruvayur temple

A legendary and world famous temple, the Guruvayur temple attracts devotees from all parts of the globe, is just 45 minutes drive from Niramayam. Sri Guruvayurappan, the presiding deity, is a primordial form of Lord Vishnu and is believed to have been installed at the present location by Guru (Brahaspati) and Vayu (Lord of wind) at the behest of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Believed to be at least five thousand years old, the deity and the temple command widespread respect and reverence and is mentioned as early as in the fifteenth century, is also referred to as "Bhooloka Vaikuntham". The East nada is the main entrance to the temple and the Sree kovil (Sanctum sanctorum) houses Sri Guruvayurappan. The entire area between the Gopuram is roofed with tiles and known as Anapanthal. At the centre of this is a square shaped pillared hall called Nalambalam, the outer wall of which is fixed with a gallery of oil lamps. At the south side of the Nalambalam, there is a sub shrine of Shasta or Lord Ayyappan. At the north-east side of this shrine is the Koothambalam, where, in olden times, dance performances were held. In the front and the east side of Nalambalam, the Deepastambham - Pillar of lights are located. There are a number of such light pillars in the Temple. The Deepastambhams, at each Gopuram, are of special interest due to its architecture. The chuttamabalam (circumambulatory temple) is majestic and the murals on the temple walls have an erotic and amorous accent. The main festivals at the temple are Vrishchika Ekadasi, Chembai music festival, Guruvayur utsavam and the Mandala Pooja. Entry to the temple is restricted only to Hindus.

Triprayar Sree Ramaswami temple

An important temple dedicated to Lord Rama, it is located on the banks of Triprayar river and the place with the same name. Popularly known as "Triprayarappan" by devotees from all over, this famous temple site is just twenty minutes drive from Niramayam. Triprayar temple is located 22 kms south west of Thrissur in between Kodungalloor and Guruvayoor in the mid landmass of Chettuva. The deity of Lord Rama (Triprayarappan) resembles the Chaturbhuja Vishnu form with four arms, bearing a conch (Panchajanya), a disc (Sudarsana), a bow (Kodanda) and a garland respectively. It is believed that the deity worshipped here possesses some of the aspects of Shiva too. It was after killing the asura, Khara that Sri Rama got both the Shaiva and Vaishnava aspects. It is also believed that the portrayal of Rama with a garland held in the image's hand is also suggestive of aspects of Brahma and hence the deity is said to be a manifestation of the Trimoorthis. The image is adorned with necklaces and other fine jewelry. Thriprayar Thevar is the presiding deity of the Arattupuzha Pooram, a famous temple festival in the area. The Ekadasi festival in the month of Vrischikam (November - December) is the main festival at the temple.

Kerala Kalamandalam

Kerala Kalamandalam is a premiere public institution imparting training in and conducting performances of the classical arts of Kerala viz. Kathakali, Koodiyattam, Mohiniyaattam, Thullal and Panchavaadyam. Kalamandalam Deemed University of Art and Culture, as it is known now is a major centre for learning Indian performing arts, especially those that developed in the Southern states of India, with special emphasis on Kerala. The institution is situated along the Thrissur-Shoranur Highway at Cheruthurthy village and is just an hour's drive from Niramayam. Many internationally recognized artists in classical dancing have trained here and the Kalamandalam has contributed greatly in imparting dance training for over the past 78 years. The inception of Kalamandalam gave a second life to three major classical performing arts of Kerala as Kathakali, Kudiyattam and Mohiniyattam were, by the turn of 20th century, facing the threat of extinction under various regulations of the colonial authorities.

Punnathur Kota

This is a temple sanctuary where more than fifty elephants are housed belonging to the Guruvayur temple which are considered as ritual offerings by the devotees of Lord Guruvayurappan. Originally the palace of an erstwhile ruler, now it is an elephant camp which acts as a training school as well for the elephants. The legendary elephant, Guruvayur Kesavan was housed here till its demise. This famous camp is just a fourty minute drive from Niramayam.

The land of pooram and temple festivals

Niramayam is located at the epicenter of the land of pooram (temple festivals). The world famous Thrissur pooram is held at the temple town of Thrissur which is just ten kilometers away from Niramayam. Thrissur pooram, a cultural delight par excellence, is known as the "mother of all temple festivals"" and is witnessed by lakhs of people from across Kerala and the world. It is one of the biggest congregations of populace for any temple festivals in Kerala and is significant for the competitive display between the Thiruvambadi and the Parmekkavu devaswoms (property of God). Gold caparisoned elephants, exchange of fancy colourful Parasols, enthralling percussion performances, and breath-taking fireworks display are the highlights of this festival. The temple town of Thrissur becomes a medley of colours, festivity, pomp and gaiety during the festivities. Another significance of Thrissur pooram is that people cutting across caste, religion or creed barriers actively take part in this festival and is considered as a harbinger of prosperity, success and happiness.

Arattupuzha pooram is another major pooram held at the neighbouring Arattupuzha village located which is just fifteen minutes drive from Niramayam. The Sree Sastha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappan, which is believed to be more than 3000 years old and its premises are the venue of the festival. It is believed that during the festival period, Lord Ayyappan, the presiding deity at the Sree Sastha Temple is visited by gods and goddesses of the neighbouring villages. The seven-day long festival was considered to be the "mother of all temple festivals" till the advent of the Thrissur pooram initiated by the ruler Sakthan Thampuran. Arattupuzha pooram receives great impetus for the presence and "ezhunnullippu" (procession of the presiding deity) of more than seventy gold caparisoned elephants amidst the mesmerizing performance of traditional percussionists.

The other important temple festivals in close vicinity are "Thaipooyam" at the Thayamkulangara Sree Subramanya Swami Temple on the eastern boundary of Niramayam, the Peruvanam pooram at the Mahadeva temple and the "Mekkavu Bharani" at the Bhagavathi temple. Official Web Portal of Niramayam, Kerala. Get detailed information on  Places of interest in Kerala and Places to Visit in Kerala. Information about Kerala tourism..

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